Lab Scale Precision 200×0.001g


Lab Scale Precision 200×0.001g 1mg Analytical Electronic Balance Lab Precision Weighing Balance Scales 110V (200×0.001g)

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1. Weighing Range: 0.001g-200g

2. Reading Accuracy: 0.001g

3. Repeatability: 0.008g

4. Linearity Error: 0.01g

5. AC/DC power supply, AC/DC (110v/9v batter)

6. The electromagnetic balance sensor

7. ABS high strength casing and wind cap

8. Removable wind cap

9. Count function

10. Automatic calibration

11. The LCD backlight function

12. Full range peel them

13. Unit conversion(lb,g,oz,ct)

14. Overweight alarm function

15. Error alarm function

16. With horizontal orientation

17. Adjust the supporting feet design level


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