HS4TP HS4T-Pro Circular (5″) LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer


HS4TP HS4T-Pro Circular (5″) LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer (with Timer), Ceramic Plate, Max Temp 340 Degree C, 110V

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The HS4-ProT is one of the most technically advanced hotplate-stirrer on the market. Built with a modern PID microprocessor and brushless DC motor, it is designed to be extremely accurate, consistent, and built to last a long time; ideal for many different professional applications including chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals, etc. The HS4-ProT comes with a timer which can be set from 1 min to 99hr-59min and the hotplate will heat at the target temperature for the set and automatically turn off when complete. If the stirring function is activated, the unit will continue to stir until switched of. The HS400T+ has an easy-to-read backlit LCD display for complete control over heat only, stir only, or heat & stir together. This unit also features an automatic spin bar retrieval. It has program memory to save your stirring/hearing functions. The unit comes with a free PT1000 temperature sensor and an option to control temperature based on the liquid in the beaker. It is compatible with multiple reaction block accessories for several flask and other vessel options. Free software for control & data logging by PC. CE marked, tutus approved, 2 year warranty. Temp Range: ambient to 340°C; Speed range: 100-1500rpm; Timer range: 1min to 99hr 59min; Temp increments: 1°C; Temp control accuracy with PT1000: ±0.2°C; Heating rate: 6K/min; Speed/Heat display: LCD (backlit); Motor: DC Brushless; Stirring capacity: 20L; Plate diameter: 5.3″; Plate material: Stainless steel with ceramic coating; Dimensions: 11″L x 6.25″W x 3″H; Voltage: 110V


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