120g 0.0001g 0.1mg Digital Analytical Balance Scale


120g 0.0001g 0.1mg Digital Analytical Balance Scale for Laboratories

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Analytical scales measure changes in the sub-milligram range, which means that it works with quantities that are very small. Such small quantities can be affected by the slightest of things, like a breeze, which is why almost all analytical scales come with a draft shield, which covers the measuring place, and this scale is no different than the others. When working with very small quantities of matter precision in measurement is extremely important; adding or subtracting even a microgram can result in critical errors. The Digital Analytical Balance Scale allows the user to measure weights that range up to 120g with the precision of 0.1mg.This scale is fully electronic and it allows the user to read the measure from the LCD screen that has a convenient blue backlight. You can switch between units; use the metric system or choose ounces or carats as measuring units. It has a RS-232 interface for linking your computer to it as to allow serial data exchange between them.


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